Piledriver Wrestling Audio Show

Piledriver Wrestling Audio Show:#114(11/28/14



(11/28/14) We return with a summary style show covering all the major news stories from pro-wrestling over the last 30 days. We have a full recap of all the major news stories from WWE over the last month including debut of Sting at Survivor Series, Authority angle, TLC card, return dates for Bryan and Reigns, Khali release, Network subscribers and what needs to change, Alberto Del Rio settlement and much more. We discuss CM Punk's appearance on Colt Cabana's podcast, and his comments on his WWE departure. We talk the major revelations from the interview, Punk's feelings towards many of his co-workers, where Punk was being unreasonable, what really led to his departure and much more. We talk the move of Smackdown to Thursdays, whats happening with NXT, plans for Smackdown going forward, brand extension ideas and more. We talk about the announcement of TNA's new TV deal with Destination America, what we know about the deal, TNA's future and more. We talk all the news from NJPW, including thoughts on Power Stru