Piledriver Wrestling Audio Show

Piledriver Wrestling Audio Show:#113(10/17/14



(10/17/14) We return with a full review and analysis of the 10/13 RAW, where plans for the Hell in a Cell PPV changed again. We talk why the pole match between Ambrose and Cena ended up on free TV, reasons why the PPV is going to underperform, where Rusev vs. Show is heading, Orton vs. Rollins, longer TV matches, use of celebrities and much more. We also look at the current card for the Hell-in-a-Cell PPV and talk the release of ring announcer Justin Roberts. We also have a full review of last weeks Total Divas, with most of the cast heading to Curacao for Eva Marie's batchelerette party. Problems between Nattie and TJ continue to mount, Cameron gets cold feet when Vinny tries to move their relationship forward, and Brie and Nikki bicker over Brie refusing to let her hair down. We have a full review and analysis of TNA Bound For Glory - a glorified house show from Japan with no storyline developments and wacky dealings with some of the titles. We talk the announcing, crowd reactions, all the matches, Team 3D