Piledriver Wrestling Audio Show

Piledriver Wrestling Audio Show:#94 (8/4/14)



(08/04/2014) We return with a packed show covering Destination X, the best TNA TV show in a long long time featuring a terrific match between The Wolves and The Hardy Boys. We talk returns of Low Ki, Homicide, Brian Cage, the booking of the show, Team Dixie angle, Lashley vs. Aries, and the decision to promote Dixie's table bump on next weeks show. We also have full review and analysis of the 7/31 edition of NXT, whats planned for the next NXT live show, Kidd/Natalya rift widens, Becky Lynch, new tag team, and more build toward Neville vs. Breeze. We take a look at nights 6 and 7 of G1 24, the latter of which was one of the best wrestling shows of all-time. We talk the performances of most of the participants, injury to Tomohiro Ishii, tournament MVP, praise for Karl Anderson and Hiroyoshi Tenzan, and wether AJ Styles vs. Minoru Suzuki deserves to be included in the MOTY discussion. We talk about the standings and booking so far, possibilities for the final, and NJPW booking heading into the Tokyo Dome. We al