Who We Elect: District Attorney



District attorneys are the most powerful position in your local criminal and legal system and we choose who they are with a vote. L. Joy kicks-off her series "Who We Elect" which will highlight state and local positions which may appear further down your ballot. District Attorney Eric Gonzalez comes to the front of the class share his #FirstCivicAction and how he sees his role as the elected district attorney of Brooklyn, New York. Our Guest Eric Gonzalez made history in November 2017 when he became the first Latino District Attorney elected in New York State. He had been appointed Acting District Attorney by Governor Andrew Cuomo a year earlier following the tragic death of his predecessor, the late Ken Thompson, for whom Gonzalez had served as Chief Assistant District Attorney. DA Gonzalez began his legal career in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office upon his graduation from law school in 1995. Since his appointment to lead the office, DA Gonzalez has implemented his own trailblazing initiatives, inclu