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Moda 360 with Debora Pokallus



Debora Pokallus has worked in the fashion industry for over 25 years first as an independent designer. She now works with designers to help them market and publicize their collections and created Moda 360, a live platform for promotion and marketing in a new and innovative way. Described as a fusion of art, fashion and film, Moda 360 encourages cross-industry collaboration. She is also the founder of Bel Esprit Showroom - The International Showroom for Ethical Fashion. To learn more about Debora and Moda 360 please visit the Moda website: or email the company at or For more information on Bel Esprit, visit For more information on Laura, you can go to You can also follow her on twitter @thatlaurapowers or on Instagram @laurapowers44.