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How FaceApp Acquired 150 Million of Your Faces & What We Can Learn As Producers (LIVE BREAKDOWN) - Episode 23



On this episode I share why I'm not that into the viral sensation known as FaceApp, and then (without judgement) we break down the app's success LIVE Video version: Sign Up for the App Moguls Masterclass: "How to Successfully Launch Your App in 2019" (Even While Everyone Else is Struggling)   Apply for App Moguls Inner Circle: Prior Masterclass Replay:       Download Color Noir: Noir Facebook Group:     Subscribe to the Game of Grow Podcast:     This episode is sponsored by my first book, "The 7 Steps to App Success".  12 million downloads, 8 years of grinding, 7 months of writing & editing, and thousands of dollars of my own money later, it’s finally here…. And you can get it for wayyyy less. Head to and pick up your digital copy, in its 108 pages of glory.   Stay connected with the movement: Join the Insiders Chat: gam