We Want Housing, Fit for the Shelter of Human Beings



We have an obvious housing crisis that our government has a responsibility to address. The demand for housing, that is fit for the shelter of human beings, is a human right. L.Joy brings Afua Atta-Mensah Esq., to the front of the class to discuss how we think about housing and what we can do to stop being comfortable with some people not having a clean and safe place to live. Our Guest Afua Atta-Mensah, Esq joined the Community Voices Heard team in September 2016 as the Executive Director. Prior to joining as the Executive Director, Afua served on the Community Voices Heard board. From her work in Ghana, West Africa to the urban centers across America, Afua has worked to improve the quality and quantity of fair and equitable housing, defend racial and social justice initiatives, and galvanize support for programs benefiting low-income families. She was awarded the Fulbright Fellowship in support of her work at the International Federation of Women Attorneys (FIDA) advocating on behalf of indigent women in Gh