Sachas Podcast

EP 1 - World Exclusive Windows 10 Interview with Chris Capossela, CMO of Microsoft



Welcome to the first episode of the Sachas podcast! In this episode, I speak with Chris Capossela. Chris is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft! And in this episode, we speak about Windows 10, Bill Gates, and more! Enjoy! Topics we discuss: - Windows 10 - What happened to Windows 9 - The cool Windows 9 t-shirt story! - Why Windows 10 is free - The thinking behind the unified Windows 10 platform - The incredible numbers behind Office and why it’s now free - Is subscription the future of business models? - Is the Cloud the future? - Cloud privacy and should we be scared? - Microsoft’s strategy to get Apple fans like me to convert back to Apple - What Microsoft is doing to create the best experience for all people - Why Microsoft doesn’t want to convert you from your iPhone, and instead what it’s really focusing on - The Windows 98 talk that made Chris famous! - Chris on being Bill Gates’ speech assistant - What m