Power Lunch With Laura

Brooke Ligertwood: “It’s a Wonder-Filled Life When You Have to Rely on God”



Reaching the music industry’s pinnacle with a Grammy, and being at the forefront of global Christian worship music, Brooke Ligertwood is at times “terrified”—and daily has to call on God for His help. But she wouldn’t have it any other way. Signed to Sony at 18 years of age, Brooke’s debut album ‘What to Do with Daylight’ exceeded 8x Platinum sales in New Zealand—yet she didn’t go into the industry with an end goal in mind, or a fixed idea of what she wanted to say with her art. “I was so young that I don’t think I’d really thought that much about it,” said Brooke in an interview with Hope 103.2. “It wasn’t like I came into things with anything resembling a plan, or a fully-formed ambition, it was more just that [singing] was something that I loved to do.” In this chat with Laura, Brooke talks about the power of music to change hearts, and the wrestle she has choosing which songs she'll use for corporate worship, and which she'll keep just between her and God.