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Brad Jersak (Feb 14th), Esther Lightcap Meek, Rikk Watts, Tony Golsby-Smith, Ron Winestock, & Leisa Aitken will help us explore "Knowing and Mystery"—2020 theme. Talks will include: —Is Design the new theology? —What is the Gospel's offer of hope to a postmodern world? —What does Scripture actually teach about women in ministry? —Will Artificial Intelligence save humanity or make us obsolete? —Loving to Know —Mystery in the Quantum world —What were Maximus the Confessor and Origen's views on Mystery? Video:https://youtu.be/_w2BkOKbWdk iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud:https://GospelConversations.com/podcast Social Media:https://Facebook.com/GospelConversationshttps://Twitter.com/GospelConvershttps://YouTube.com/user/GospelConversations Website:https://GospelConversations.com Mailing List:http://eepurl.com/guDp4n