The Empowering 20’s



Welcome to the 20's...what our civics teacher & friendly neighborhood political strategist L. Joy Williams has dubbed the Empowering 20's. The new decade dawns and L. Joy outlines the many civic opportunities that are coming up that if we get involved, have the opportunity to empower our communities. We welcome back Ifeoma "Ify" Ike and of course our girl June joins in the discussion to discuss the myriad ways to #TakeCivicAction in the next decade. Our Guest Ifeoma Ike—Ify, for short—is a first-generation, Nigerian-American activist, artist and attorney whose entire career has been dedicated to empowering marginalized communities and creating data-informed strategies to reduce inequity. Ify is a co-founding Principal of social impact firm, Think Rubix, a professor at Lehman College, and a board member of the Women’s Prison Association, as well as a Junior Board member of the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation.