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Episode 283 - Warcraft Patch 8.3: Visions of N'Zoth



Welcome to the Frozen Nerdz Podcast Episode 283 called “Warcraft Patch 8.3: Visions of N'Zoth." We are your Blizzard Entertainment discussion podcast. The show you are about to hear was recorded on Sunday, January 12th, 2020. On this week's show, we start off by talking about our past weeks in video games, and then we move onto talk about our Blizzard Entertainment discussion topics of the week. This week we just talking about the upcoming World of Warcraft patch 8.3 which includes two new allied races, an upcoming raid instance, solo scenarios, more quests, a ton of mounts, and more reputation to grind. And…. more AP quests! But then before you know it, it’s time for us to say our weekly goodbyes. Become a Patron today for as little as $1 per month! If you have any questions, comments or concerns for the show, feel free to contact us via email at But without further ado, sit back relax and enjoy Episode 283 of the Frozen Nerdz Podcast! Enjoying the show