Intersection of Race and Technology



"The Russian influence campaign on social media in the 2016 election made an extraordinary effort to target African-Americans..." That is a statement straight out of a Senate Intelligence Committee Report on the 2016 presidential cycle. But did you know that there is a history of Russia using race to to interfere in United States politics? We bring Mutale Nkonde to the front of the class for a history lesson on Russian propaganda tools and a discussion on the intersection of race and technology. #FirstCivicAction Mutale Nkonde’s shares her #FirstCivicAction which was with our teacher L. Joy and Higher Heights. She attended a day party held by Higher Heights which inspired her to #GetCivicallyEngaged. Our Guest Mutale Nkonde is an AI policy analyst and researcher based in New York City. She started her career as a 2018-19 fellow at Data & Society, a Research Institute in New York City and works at the intersection of race, technology, and policy. Nkonde has been working as a senior tech policy advisor for Co