Hangout With Heather

Lumineers, Crumbs Cream & Light Sculpt SA



Niche Radio — Yah! It's Friday peeps - and that means the weekend is nigh! Heather is excited to see @thelumineers as well as the much anticipated #PriscillaSA this weekend! @CrumbsCream - the amazingly tasty ice cream sandwich people have arrived in Jozi town - and they have healthy/banting options available too, Heather is quite excited about this! It's finally time for the great reveal - Heather shares candidly about her facial rejuvenation with the team from @Lightsculptsa - the pictures are to be seen to be believed - catch the full story on Heather's site here. An inspirational platform called Beautiful News has caught Heather's eye - these guys share amazing stories from ordinary South Africans - really a great site, find out more on the show. If you are looking for a little place to escape to, with a beautiful view, of course, find out more about the Drakensberg Sun Resort, who have just undergone a fantastic revamp. Don't forget that you can WIN! Heather has a set of tickets to giveaway to