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Soul Purpose Tuesday Midmorning Lunchtime Wellness Groove: Womens Sexual Health2



It's Hot In July. Get healthy hooked as D'OR, known as the sexual Socrates, schools us about a healthy mindset and habits that support our optimal sexual health for part two of the 2018 women's sexual health edition of Soul Purpose Tuesday, Your Mid-morning Lunchtime Wellness Groove. Wellness advocating for you are your hosts, Jacqueline Taylor-Adams, business and marketing strategist, photograpgher and fitness buff, JJ Janae whose lip lickin' healthy cooking makes you want to jump up and slap your mama! D'OR, brand developer and master communicator, is a multi-facted entrepreneur, cancer survivor, and the number one erotic soul artist. As living proof of the power of holistic living to heal and create a high quality of life, wellness permeates every fabric of D'OR's daily being. SOUL PURPOSE TUESDAYS is here to inspire and empower you to be the poster child of your own transformation with a holistic mix of wellness strategies, recipes, and soul music. Built on the foundation of the Soul Purpose Lifestyle C