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Soul Purpose Tuesday: Summer Skin -Hydration - BURN Weight Loss



Get healthy hooked on your mid-morning lunchtime wellness groove, Soul Purpose Tuesday! We're talking Summer Skin, Hydration, and Weight Loss. In episode 3 of Season 5 discover ways to beautify, protect, hydrate, and nourish your skin • JJ Janae's lip lickin' healthy recipe, Salmon a la Mode • DFT (derma (skin) fusion technology) for healthy nutritional weight loss with Le-Vel's Thrive BURN! Your hosts, two more phenomenal wellness advocates, marketing and business strategist Jacqueline Taylor-Adams along with January Janae (JJ), professional photographer whose lip lickin' healthy cooking makes you want to jump up and slap your mamma! #Playlist: SUMMERTIME (Will Smith • DJ Jazzy Jeff) • BROWN SKIN (India Aire) • SUPERIOR NUTRIENTS (Darian Dauchan - Bionic Boom Bap) • SUMMER MADNESS (Kool & The Gang) Mindset: What CAN I do. GOAL: To Be The Poster Child of Our Own Transformation. Is what you put on your skin, in your mouth, and allow in your spirit, Life Giving or life robbing? WalkNWellness, a Soul Purp