Become A Career Coach: The Audio Guide

The Not-so-magic Trick of Getting People to Come to You



You’ve now got your Client Attraction Magnet, you can describe the people in your target market better than they can and you just plunk yourself down and wait now right? Well not exactly! There’s one more piece of the puzzle here: Traffic   Traffic, in this case, simply means bringing your Client Attraction Magnet to live human beings that likely need your help. Where do you get these humans from? Do I need to shop local? Can I grow my own? While I don’t want to discourage you from raising mini humans for the purposes of having them download your Client Attraction Magnet later on, there is a better way! Remember everything you now know about your target market? All that work you did early on? Well part of what you did was also learn where these people hang out, who they follow what they click on. What websites and podcasts and blogs they pay attention to. Where do these people meet in real life? Now is where you get to use that info and plunk yourself down in one of those “streams” of your specific peeps!Ther