Scott Lorsch




YES! I SHAVED MY HEAD! Why did I do it? It started this summer when I realized I have never shaved my head. It was something so simple but yet so terrifying for me. I decided I was going to do it for a Halloween costume. Unfortunately the costume didn’t arrive so I was left with a choice, should I shave or not? I realized I was so afraid that I had to push myself to shave it. If this little thing that could be reversed scared me so much I had to face my fears. I felt if I let this little thing stop me then what else would I be afraid of that would stop me in business. I do admit I was absolutely terrified before I shaved. During and after I felt so liberated. I felt free and able to progress in life. Everyone has fears but if you do not look at them square in the face and say “Fuck it!” and keep moving forward then you’ll never be better. I strive to be a better Scott everyday and this is just one step towards that. Fear is always there but it is only temporary and we can beat it! Anyone else want to joi