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Brad Jersak: Plato, Plantinga, and Paul—toward Christian knowing



Rev Dr Brad Jersak explores Christian knowing through Plato, Plantinga, and Paul the Apostle. This is an incredibly important topic for Christians today as most of us feel caught between the conservative ‘Biblical’ view that dominates Sydney evangelicalism, and a more liberal humanist view that seems to threaten the pillars of faith. Brad has a rich mind and insightful perspectives, including a deep understanding of the early church fathers. He will offer us a much wider paradigm of knowing and revelation that does not toss out the Bible but balances it. In so doing he will demonstrate that far from this being a dangerous liberalising of truth, we are only recapturing the dominant orthodoxy that characterised the early church.Video: youtu.be/9RxQb7VW_yciTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud: GospelConversations.com/podcastSocial Media: facebook.com/GospelConversationsPoem: BrianZahnd.com/2013/09/reading-bible-right