Red Church Door Podcast

Worship From Home (WFH)



In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, stay-at-home orders and physical distancing, the work from home phenomenon -- WFH -- has quickly trended into a thing. However, WFH also stands for "worship from home." Many are now worshiping via Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube, and wondering how to best stay connected with Jesus and their church. This episode explores worship, prayer, and creating sacred spaces at home. How do creative sacred spaces at home support prayer, worship? Can we really engage and connect with God at home (and through online sharing and participation)? How do we practice physical distancing without becoming socially distant and losing our sense of community? Episode guests include:Lilly Lewin, founder, FreeRangeWorship. Lisa Kimball, Associate Dead of Lifelong Learning, Virginia Theological Seminary. Patricia Lyons, Advisor of the Dean at Virginia Theological Seminary. Where to find Lilly Lewin:Facebook: