Don't Log Off

Calm Waters



Alan Dein connects with people around the world trying to find moments of calm during the coronavirus pandemic. He speaks to Jens, the captain of a container ship in the middle of the Indian Ocean who is unsure when he may be able to get his crew back home, and Sujatha, an 85 year old in India who is philosophical about being confined to her home in Delhi. 1000 miles south of Delhi, Alan reaches out to Chinu who is feeding Mumbai's urban poor as the Indian government imposes a lockdown. And he speak to Benedetta, who is eight months pregnant in an anxious and eerily quiet Rome. Alan also catches up with 16 year old Ibrahim who was homeless on the streets of Athens when they last spoke - but now has some good news to share. Producers: Georgia Catt, Laurence Grissell & Sarah Shebbeare