Red Church Door Podcast

God's Garden Planet



We recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day -- under circumstances no one could have anticipated. How is our treatment of God's creation a reflection of our beliefs and our faith? Is environmental stewardship a spiritual path and way to God in its own right? Today we speak with two guests who have connected environmentalism and spirituality in profound ways: The Rev. Stephen Blackmer, is founding executive director of Kairos Earth and chaplain of Church of the Woods, in Canterbury, NH. Steve comes to his calling with 30 years of conservation experience, having founded and built conservation organizations including the Five Rivers Conservation Trust, Northern Forest Alliance and Northern Forest Center. Deb Baker is a NH resident and Episcopalian who has been influential in getting many of the churches in the state to become a part of a new initiative from the Episcopal Church: Sustaining Earth Our Island Home. Links: Kairos Earth & Church of the Woods: Sustaining E