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Selling on Etsy with Kelly B. Paige



Kelly Paige is a business owner, curator and designer who started her first Etsy shop in August 2012. What started as a part-time business quickly became a full time career and a spiritual doorway to discovering that creatives can (in fact) make a living by being true to their artistic side! Today, she is focused on growing her business, Bluff Agency™, a creative agency which offers visual direction, stage wear development and helps artists to share their authentic message in the world. She oversees multiple Etsy shops and enjoys inspiring and coaching other Makers on how they can start too!Etsy Media:Instagram @BluffAgency Instagram @ChaChaBandsHQ Instagram @kini_candy_by_mytalefeathers Contact Email:BluffAgency@gmail.comTo find out more about Laura and her speaking, coaching, and other hosting work visit her website at You can also find Laura on twitter @thatlaurapowers, on Faceb