Hangout With Heather

Vitafuzion IV Drips a great way to boost your immune system – and more…



Niche Radio — This week it's all about great food and wine, the things that Heather really loves – but she also loves the monthly IV drip that she has administered in her home thanks to the mobile drip service that is, Vitafuzion. This week Heather speaks to Dr Zubair Cajee, the owner of Vitafuzion to find out more about why boosting your immune system is vital, especially at this time of year. The team from Turbine Art Fair have gotten creative in the time of COVID and moved online, with the launch of their ‘Stilled Life’ community photographic project, which is a platform that South Africans can tell their stories by submitting their own photographs, documenting ‘life in the time of COVID SA’. If you are looking for a great investment opportunity, have you considered diamonds? The market for purchasing is perfect right now, and diamonds are certainly something that will increase in value once the economy starts to stabilise. First Diamonds offers some great advice and tips and I share more around th