Security Voices

Cloud Sec Series #1 - A Public Cloud Security Primer With Expert Teri Radichel (AWS, GCP & Azure)



Initially led by software as a service (SaaS), the transition to the public cloud is one of the most important changes we’ve witnessed in information technology to date. From the early days of SaaS to the current stage where adoption of infrastructure, platform and function as a service (IaaS, PaaS, FaaS) are catching on like wildfire, there’s an increasing awareness that the end state of this shift few aspects of how we do our jobs will be unchanged. This Security Voices episode is the first of five where we dig into the details of how the public cloud is transforming cybersecurity.Teri Radichel joins us to explain key concepts in public cloud technology, the differences from on-premises, migration options and more. If you’ve ever wondered what is meant by “lift and shift” or “cloud native”, this is for you. Teri’s background as a trainer, author and researcher shines through as she describes both broad concepts in easily understood terms but she also doesn’t spare the details for those who are already cl