Sci Fi Fidelity

SFF82: Watched More Than Two



Ever since we began our two-episode rule, which keeps our show discussion to the first couple of episodes of the season, we knew we'd have to be flexible. Maybe we'd add a third or fourth episode for a half-hour comedy or if a shift in the story warranted it, and anything else would be in the spoiler-zone if we were able to squeeze in a few more in our own viewing before recording the podcast. But certain shows were just too irresistible for us to stick with just two installments, and others we binged after the discussion even if we didn't necessarily have time.We each share three shows that we got sucked into this year including Russian Doll, The Umbrella Academy, and more. We even have one or two that drew us in because of an interview or by other means. Then, of course, our listeners get in on the action and tell us which shows they specifically binged because of our two-episode discussion on the podcast. It's nice to know we've been able to draw attention to some new science fiction and supernatural progr