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SFF71: Jazmyn Simon Interview - Raising Dion



The premise for Raising Dion may seem simple: a single mother struggles to raise her seven-year-old son when suddenly he begins to manifest superpowers. But this family drama from creator Dennis Liu and executive producer Michael B. Jordan is anything but a typical superhero tale. When the show premieres on October 4, 2019, audiences will certainly see a boy with powers, but they will also experience the community that surrounds him, including family members like his “Auntie Kat,” played by Jazmyn Simon.Simon spoke to us about her role in the show as well as her own experience with motherhood, having just had a son with her actor husband Dulé Hill, whom she met on the set of Ballers. Simon also played a doctor on the HBO show, but this time around she's in a more active hospital role, also acting as the family skeptic when it comes to Dion's powers. Simon covers everything from the show's setting in Atlanta to Michael B. Jordan's involvement in this interview, giving us a quite complete picture of what we can