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SFF70: Elder Elite



We have nothing but respect for actors who choose to continue in their profession into their 70s and beyond, and there are many who have graced science fiction and supernatural television with their proven talents. In many cases, these actors have long and illustrious careers in film and on stage as well, but we always appreciate when they show up as wise mentors or grizzled villains or other similar roles in the genre shows that we love. The latest Sci Fi Fidelity discussion topic podcast entitled “Elder Elite” covers six of our favorite examples and shares listener contributions as well.The criteria we used for qualification was that the actor in question must be 70 or older in 2019 and must have worked on a science fiction, fantasy, horror, or supernatural television series in the recent past or be currently working on or about to work on a show. To participate in our discussion topics, be sure to join the Sci Fi Fidelity Facebook group where the listener participation aspect of the podcast unfolds the wee