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SFF68: Carnival Row



Carnival Row takes Amazon Prime Video to new territory as the tale of an oppressed race of faeries living among disdainful humans in a world reminiscent of Victorian England explores a mashup of steampunk, fantasy, and allegory. The series stars Orlando Bloom as the Burghish detective Rycroft “Philo” Philostrate and Cara Delevingne as the headstrong pixie Vignette Stonemoss. Several mysteries unfold as a series of murders and the supposed kidnapping of the Chancellor’s son intertwine in unexpected ways.Mike and Dave tackle the first two episodes of this series in a spoiler-free fashion, but if you’ve watched the entire eight-episode run, the Spoiler Zone towards the end of the podcast has some overall impressions to share with you. Since Carnival Row season 2 has already been assured, there are plenty of things to speculate about given how open-ended the finale episode was.Related:Carnival Row Review (Spoiler-Free) by Sci Fi Fidelity host, MikeCarnival Row Executive Producer InterviewCarnival Row Season 2 Con