Sci Fi Fidelity

SFF08: Van Helsing, Stranger Things, Anne Heche & James Tupper (Aftermath)



What’s with time travel showing up all over television this fall? The hosts of Sci Fi Fidelity try to track down the reasoning behind this science fiction sub-genre suddenly going mainstream. With shows like Timeless, Time After Time, Travelers, and Making History coming to big networks in the coming season, will stories about changing history catch on with general audiences, and will the concept be watered down such that it ruins the appeal for hardcore sci-fi fans?The highlighted shows this month are Van Helsing, a Syfy show coming in September which has an uphill battle overcoming preconceptions about it being The Walking Dead with vampires, and Stranger Things, the Netflix 80’s nostalgia addiction that has been the talk of the summer. The guys discuss what makes each show work for the audience at which they’re each aimed.The interview segment this month brings to the forefront another upcoming fall show on Syfy called Aftermath, which stars Anne Heche and James Tupper as parents of a family trying to surv