Sci Fi Fidelity

SFF05: Orphan Black, 12 Monkeys, Emily Hampshire (12 Monkeys)



Mike and Dave can’t think of anything bad to say about Orphan Black on BBC America or 12 Monkeys on Syfy, both of which began their seasons in April. With Orphan Black entering its fourth season, Tatiana Maslany's ability to play a whole host of characters never ceases to impress, and the conspiracy story is still going strong. Likewise, 12 Monkeys hasn't slowed down in its sophomore season; if anything it's getting better!Added to the mix is an interview with Emily Hampshire, who plays Jennifer Goines on 12 Monkeys, giving some nice details about possible backstory for her group of badass women called "The Daughters," as well as characters that may emerge.The podcast ends with a discussion of TV revivals and reboots, since 12 Monkeys is such a great example of how to do it right! The guys discuss everything from Xena to X-Files, which re-imaginings work and which don't.  See for privacy and opt-out information.