Red Church Door Podcast

Finding Spiritual Reset



In the midst of a global pandemic and fallout from contentious election-season politics what many seek today is a way to find sabbath to spiritually reset.. Today, Colin is speaking with Joan Bowers to explore what a Sabbath can look like for different people -- what are the options, strategies, and techniques for practicing Sabbath? How might the pandemic itself be viewed as a sabbath? Joan is a former college English instructor who retired with her husband in March 2020 -- just in time for COVID. This summer she and a fellow Companion from the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross facilitated two week-long, online sessions of spiritual direction training offered by Adelynrood, a retreat center near Newburyport, MA, run by the SCHC. In addition, Joan has been reading more nonfiction than usual and enjoying daily visits to a nearby pond. She appreciates communing with God, nature, and the fascinatingly diverse people who also find themselves drawn there. -- Where to Find a Spiritual Director: Episcopal