Seen And Heard In Edmonton

Episode 65: Meetup with Fawnda Mithrush



Our April meetup gave us a chance to talk about the power of cross-promotion by engaging in some cross-promotion — I love me some meta. We had a chance to talk Fawnda Mithrush, who is managing director of NorthwestFest, Edmonton's international festival of nonfiction film, art and music. Fawnda is the brain behind LunchPods, a series of live podcast shows on at The Needle Vinyl Tavern throughout this week in conjunction with the film festival. Fawnda also hosted I Don't Get It, an award-winning podcast about contemporary dance, which she's hoping to resurrect one of these days. But she's an awfully busy person — besides helping Guy Lavallee put on NorthwestFest, she is also the executive director of LitFest, the nonfiction literary festival that comes to Edmonton this fall. In the episode, you'll hear all about LunchPods, as well as the "wicked fun" of doing a podcast about dance; why we need to find ways for creative people to get paid; how podcasts fit in with NorthwestFest and might fit into LitFest in the