Seen And Heard In Edmonton

Episode 64: Michael Vecchio and Elliott Tanti



Meet Elliott Tanti and Michael Vecchio, two friends who started sparring about politics for fun and decided to turn their frequent debates into the Highlevel Showdown podcast. Highlevel Showdown started in the Tory Building at the University of Alberta, where Elliott and Michael found themselves engaging in political discussions that spilled over onto the LRT on the way home. Elliott had done a podcast called What's Up UAlberta, and it felt natural to capture the conversations they were already having. A terrific politics podcast was born. In this episode, you'll hear how the show has changed over the past two years; how kitchen-table debates prepared them for political argument; how to prepare for a structured but vibrant discussion; what opera, wrestling and politics have in common; how the show benefits from Elliott's campaign experience and Michael's historical knowledge; the coming municipal election; and how to make a podcast with a friend. This episode is also available in iTunes, on Google Play, on So