92y Talks

Marvel’s 616 with Alison Brie, Andrew Rossi, Sarah Amos, Jason Sterman and Marvel.com’s Angélique Roché



In this episode of 92Y Talks, actor/director Alison Brie and filmmakers Andrew Rossi, Sarah Amos, and Jason Sterman with Marvel.com's Angélique Roché discuss the ever-expanding Marvel Universe and their new documentary series Marvel's 616. Exploring the uniquely rich and innovative legacy of storytelling that has blossomed out of Marvel Comics, Marvel's 616 charts new terrain in the Marvel Universe –– revealing untold stories of the origins of Marvel's most beloved characters, profiling the artists and filmmakers who reinvent them generation after generation, and shining a light on the fans who push the boundaries of pop culture forward. The conversation was streamed live as part of the 92nd Street Y's online talks series on December 2, 2020.