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271: How One Blogger Simplified Starting a Blog by Sharing the Load



How One Blogger Worked With Others to Start a Blog We continue our series featuring stories from new bloggers who have recently completed our free Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog course. We hope they’ll inspire others as part of our International Start a Blog Day on February 7. Today’s story comes from Jacob West, who started the blog Live Life Liberated. His blog questions social norms and traditional ways of thinking. Jacob's blog doesn’t tell you what to think or do. Instead, it provides a friendly and open-minded environment to discuss such topics and build a like-minded community. Jacob’s tips on how to prepare, if you want to start a blog: Ask friends for help. Share skills, learning curve, and success Care about blog’s focus Stay passionate. Always have goals to pursue Be willing to work hard and plan for various tasks Links and Resources for How One Blogger Simplified Starting a Blog by Sharing the Load: Live Life Liberated Podcast Motor Courses Starting a Blog ProBlogger Pro