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270: How One Blogger Changed Her Life by Starting a Blog



How Starting a Blog Helped Transform the Life of a Blogger Happy New Year! This first episode of 2019 launches a series of stories from new bloggers who started their blogs after completing our free Start a Blog course. The course features seven steps, which makes it a perfect way to celebrate International Start a Blog Day on February 7. The first story comes from Denise Bumby, who took our course last year and launched her Does Size Matter? blog about six months ago. Denise was searching for a way to cope with changes in her life. And she found her way through blogging, which brings her joy and hope. She may not have many subscribers yet, but that number is growing daily. And so is Denise. Denise’s tips on how to boost your blog: Consistently produce content Use social media Post content in various formats (videos, etc.) Get mentioned on other blogs Learn and implement affiliate marketing and sponsorship Keep working. Don’t give up or get discouraged Despite what you may think, anyone