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Cloud Security Series Wrap-up w/ Justin Brodley: A look back at 2020, a glance ahead at 21's top threats & key trends



In our 1st episode of ‘21, we cap off our cloud security series with a recap of the major milestones, key trends and surprises across 2020 through the eyes of cloud expert and podcaster, Justin Brodley.  If you think you might have missed a few things that happened in the public cloud last year while waiting for news on COVID-19 vaccines, hitting refresh on election results or wondering when the four horsemen were finally going to show up, this episode is your chance to catch up and look ahead through the lens of both a practitioner and a pundit.Recorded during AWS Re:invent, we examine the cloud service provider conferences across the year to find a clear absence of security topics making their way to center stage.  While there were some notable developments, such as services providing easier cloud traffic analysis, much of the attention was elsewhere. Multi-cloud, in particular, leapt to the forefront for even Amazon who had been reluctantly dragging their feet.Our comparison of the different cloud service