Ingrid D.

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So you’re currently single. Congratulations - you represent 51% of the population! (According to the Barna Group, No need to be ashamed or embarrassed. No need to feel like singleness is a disease and marriage is the cure! We're the majority!What makes me so sad is when I meet Christian singles who feel like they’re somehow sub-par; that they’re less than worthy, they’re not normal…… either that or they get into the ‘something’s wrong with me’ mentality. Ok – I admit it – I’ve felt that way at one time or another in my solo life. And it’s ok to be real with God and wrestle with Him on these issues. But, friends, we have to remember that marriage is just another season of life. People who get married are not superior to those of us who are unmarried. We don’t “graduate” from our single life into being a part of a married couple. We don’t suddenly become supreme beings as married people! Aren’t we all equal in God’s Kingdom? Don’t we all have a purpose in life as Christians, whethe