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Tonight we discuss body image issues with Bobbi S. Rudin M.A., R.Y.T., C.R.M.



So much life experience and still I find myself staring into the face of body issues this week.... so when I saw an invitation from my dear friend Bobbi about body image issues I sent a message to her lightning fast to see if she would come on the show to talk about it with us... yay! she said yes! Bobbi's life mission is to expand peace, health and well-being by practicing, teaching and spreading daily life actions that foster these capabilities. She shares her creative and effective "life pie" system that guides you to your life ingredients for optimal peace, health and well being for your unique life. She especially serves those who are seeking greater meaning in their lives and who because of this deep longing may sometimes or often find themselves experiencing feelings of restlessness, anxiety, depression, or low self-worth. Over the past 25 years Bobbi has facilitated classes, seminars, public presentations, and retreats offering her services to hospital wellness programs, holistic health centers, com