PROGRAM YOUR MIND THE RIGHT WAY ( you really think your thriving? )



We reside in a world where we are bombarded by influences that can take you away from the good you desire in life. When you look around this world, you will see a vast amount of marketing and advertisements all trying to keep you busy and focused on what they can do for your life. From the newest food in the grocery store, to the latest fashion trends, to the blockbuster movie coming to a theatre near you. Tie those things together with all the responsibilities you have each day to tend to, and you have to stop and ask yourself, WHEN DO I REALLY THINK ABOUT THE THINGS I TRULY DESIRE AND DESERVE? How much time is there for you to focus upon the things in life you really came here to be a part of?For many today, love is really missing in their lives. Or perhaps it is not making enough money to live the life you so choose. Or maybe it is that stubborn extra 20 pounds you have been working so hard on getting rid of. Here is a stat you may not have known about - Over 80% of all New Years Resolutions FAIL within th