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The Power of Your Intentions! How to Radically Shift Your Life, Health, and World! Law of Attraction with Lynne McTaggart



If you’ve ever wanted to 10x the power of your intentions, then do we have the Power of 8 show for you! You’ll learn how you can literally create miracles through the power of group intention.   Today I’ll be talking with Lynne McTaggart, the award-winning journalist and best-selling author of at least 7 books including, The Field, The Intention Experiment, the Bond, and an earthshattering, paradigm busting book on creating miracles, The Power of Eight: Harnessing The Miraculous Energies Of A Small Group To Heal Others, Your Life And The World.   That is just what I want to talk with her about today, about how to use the power of group intention to radically shift your life, your health, and your world.   That plus we’ll talk about the power of time travel, ekklesia and the bible, Unio mystica small steps ellie, what on earth is the woodstock effect, and what in the world homothumadon has to do with anything!   Topics covered include: The science behind thoughts becoming things How group intention works What