Mark John Williams 10-29-2013



Mark John Williams has sold over 50 million in residential real estate, has trained 1000s of new and experienced real estate agents, and ran a major real estate office in California for the largest real estate company in the US. And just 10 years ago, he was living in a friends garage wondering why he was a broke real estate agent. After realizing he was trying to be the square peg in the round hole, Mark embarked on 90 days of do or die. He gave himself 90 days to sell his first house or was going to hang up his skates for good. The difference: It was time to start selling how he wanted to. By replacing traditional flashy sales techniques, fancy scripts and the old school hard close “salesy” training moves with gratitude, service, authenticity, and integrity, Mark managed to sell his first house in those 90 days and the rest is history. Mark has now finished a best selling book called Selling On The Edge which he wrote word for word in order to infuse the industry with what he felt was missing in one o