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Featuring Elaine Dumler - The Flat Daddy Lady



As a military “separations specialist”, Elaine Dumler, aka “The Flat Daddy Lady”, has been writing for military families and speaking at conferences and military installations since 2003. Her favorite thing to do is to help prepare families for deployment and the reunion/reintegration process. She has presented readiness training at installations all over the United States and has provided training materials to thousands of military families. She is the author of best sellers, I’m Already Home…Again for families experiencing deployment and The Road Home to help with reunion and reintegration. Focusing on bringing her message and methods of family unity to military families,Elaine’smedia coverage includes features in 86 publications (6 in foreign languages) over 25 TV appearances (including MSNBC,FOXNewsandMontel) and 40 radio programs to talk about the importance of keeping family ties stronger than ever and the connection strategies most effective in