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Looking For A Job Or Want To Help Other Women Who Are Job Searching by Sheri Cole



Join us for a discussion with the Executive Director of The Career Wardrobe, Sheri Cole. The Career Wardrobe is based in Philadelphia, PA and is the nation’s largest independent nonprofit organization serving women transitioning to work with professional clothing and career skills. Celebrating their Sweet 16 Anniversary this year, The Career Wardrobe has helped over 70,000 women on their path to employment.Under Sheri's leadership, The Career Wardrobe’s has grown from being an agency with minimal staff and a budget under $150,000 to one that employs 8 women and has a budget of over $750,000. Among The Career Wardrobe’s expanded programming are the “Professional Women’s Network,” a networking group for former participants to keep them motivated and moving forward in their careers and a “Client Help Desk” to assist with resume review and interviewing skills. She has also provided the leadership necessary to open The Wardrobe Boutique, an upscale resale clothing store to benefit The Career Wardrobe.Sheri has