Janet Powers

Meet Jennifer Jones of International Crisis Aid



Join Janet Powers, Diva Toolbox, as we go one-on-one with Jennifer Jones of International Crisis Aid as she shares from personal experiences of being in red light districts, rescuing girls, and following them through their rehabilitation process. Jennifer will also share about sex trafficking in the United States of American Girls.Jennifer Jones works for International Crisis Aid as the Executive Assistant to the President implementing feeding programs, medical care, orphan care, and safe homes for victims of sex trafficking. One project Jennifer has been developing since October 2008 is Safe Homes for American victims of sex trafficking. Jennifer has been married for 2 years to her husband—her greatest supporter—and they are expecting their first child.International Crisis Aid's mission is to assist in sustaining life, bring encouragement to those suffering and collaborate with other relief organizations to bring necessary foods, materials and medicines to people in times of crisis, particularly where life a