Janet Powers

Preventing Obesity by Eating with Daniel Nachtigal



Join Janet Powers, Diva Toolbox, andDaniel Nachtigal, Through the Kitchen Door, talk about "Preventing Obesity by Eating."Through the Kitchen Door was "Selected by the Catalogue for Philanthrophy as: One of the Best Small Charities in the Washington, DC area."What is Through the Kitchen Door? In 1991, Daniel Nachtigal and his wife, Liesel Flashenberg, decided to change their lives. Leaving successful careers in Washington, D.C. — Daniel as a partner in a large law firm and Liesel as a consultant in telecommunications policy and production and public relations — they moved to Costa Rica with their three young children. Having worked in community economic development and issues of women's rights for years, they were committed to conscious and responsible operation of a sustainable business enterprise. They first started a gourmet food services business providing catering, consulting and specialty prepared foods, and later added a small cooking school - teaching them how to prepare healthier and flavorful meals,