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What Automatic Writing Can Do For YOU! Hear Our Experience and Get Answers from the Universe with Michael Sandler and CJ Liu



If you’ve ever felt stuck, lost, or needed guidance from the Divine, then do we have the Automatic Writing in 2021, show for you!   Today we’ll talk about turning your journaling into channeling, asking your deepest questions, and getting answers from the Source. That plus we’ll talk about getting kicked off of Maui, starting Inspire Nation, the power of Woo Hoo 8, loss of taste and feeling, Pointing out Way, Washing the Heart, Island escape, Empty Nesting all over again, daily downloads, guidance for coaching, interviews, and class, 3 tries and 5 years, hearing from loved ones on the other side, the power of celery juice, and what in the world the Guides of Awe has to do with anything! Are you ready to shine!   You'll discover: * The time of day spirit is most accessible * The difference between automatic writing and journaling * How automatic writing can give you powerful guidance and direction in your life * What to look for, and watch out for, when you begin * How to tell if your automatic writing is comi