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How to Attract Abundance by Discovering Your Money Blueprint and Money EQ! with Ken Honda on Happy Money



If you've ever wanted a better relationship with your money, or more specifically to have more of it, then do we have the Happy Money show for you! Learn how to boost your money EQ, change your relationship with money, and begin attracting it into your life today.   Today I'll be talking with Ken Honda, one of the top best-selling money expert and author in the world, about one of my all time favorite book on changing your relationship with money, Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money.   That is just what I want to talk with him about today, about your money type, your money blueprint, your money EQ, and how you can get in the money flow! Plus, we'll talk about being born on planet poverty, Arigatou and Magokoro, how to be a happy little millionaire, and why on earth owning a dry cleaners just might be the greatest job in the world! Are you ready to shine?   Discover your: 1. Money Type 2. Money Blueprint 3. Hidden Money Wounds 4. How to heal and re-write your money blueprint 5. How to