Uk Export Advice

62 - How to make British luxury brands successful in China with Tom Griffiths of Verb China



OK, so in previous episodes of UK Export Advice we’ve heard that the Chinese already buy $144 billion worth of goods using cross border e-commerce, that means Chinese consumers are browsing e-commerce sites for companies in other countries, yes British ones too, and buying $144 billion worth of stuff and paying for it to be shipped to China. And by 2025 China will account for 50% of the global luxury market - yes that’s right in less than five years half of all luxury goods bought globally will be bought by Chinese consumers. We’ve also heard it’s really not that difficult to sell consumer goods into China with the right partners and strategy. So it’s easier than ever for British luxury brands and retailers to sell into the world’s biggest luxury market. But. How do you successfully translate your brand so that it will work in China? We’re not just talking about language here we’re talking about what your brand communicates and how to make it desirable to the right Chinese consumers. My name is David Jam